What is a medically fragile child?262691_10150234486605859_705236_n

A child who is (1) technology dependent in that he or she needs a medical device to compensate for the loss of a vital body function and skilled nursing care to avert death or further disability or (2) does not need technological equipment, but requires skilled nursing care to avert death or further disability.

Why are respite opportunities needed?

Families of medically fragile children experience high levels of personal demands on their time and unrelenting burdens associated with their child’s care. When parents are given an opportunity to take “time out” for themselves, they are better equipped to face their challenges with renewed stamina and perspective, which helps prevent burnout and creates a more nurturing environment for the child and the family as a whole.

Who is eligible?

Respite opportunities are provided to parents and legal guardians of medically fragile children.

What do we provide?

Some examples of the most popular activities chosen by families include:

  • weekend away at a local resort
  • spa day
  • dinner and a concert

Parents are not limited to these activities and are free to ask for a special activity of their choice.

Parents are responsible for arranging care for their child during the time they are participating in their respite activity.